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Heating, Plumbing, Ventilation and Electrical

solar systemPV SystemSpecialising in Eco Friendly Installations

In addition to our work on conventional installations, our fully trained and qualified engineers specialise in all aspects of eco energy efficient plumbing & heating and will provide the best solutions for your premises.

Our services include consultation, boiler installations, underfloor heating, solar heating, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Specialising in the installation of the very latest solar thermal hot water heating systems and solar photovoltaic (PV )electricity systems. Whatever size of project, commercial or domestic, we pride ourselves with providing a firm commitment to excellent customer service, quality products and clean energy.

Heat pump systemHeat pumps(Air and Ground source)

Ground sourced heat pumps provide the fastest growing, cost effective alternative source of renewable and sustainable energy. The flat ground loops are laid in a trench 2 metres deep. If there is not enough space the loops can be installed vertically to a depth of 100 metres.

How Does it Work?

A ground heat pump works by extracting natural solar heat from the ground to provide heating, hot water or cooling for a building. It is an electrically powered heat pump device that works like a refrigerator in reverse. The ground source heat pump circulates an antifreeze mix through the buried pipes. Heat from the ground is absorbed into this fluid mix and is pumped through a heat exchanger in the heat pump. The energy heats water in a cylinder for distribution to taps, appliances, under floor heating and radiators. The cooled fluid mixture is then returned back to the ground where it continues the process.

An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It can extract heat from the air even when the outside temperature is as low as minus 15° C.

For the best of both worlds combine Conventional and Eco technologies with a Hybrid System

Saving the environment

You not only save money, you can also make your own contribution towards saving the environment and preventing global warming by using solar energy. Since solar energy (like wind energy and other renewable sources of energy) doesn’t produce any harmful effect on the environment, you are effectively saving your children and yourself from the disastrous effects of global warming. CO2 Mechanical Engineering provides the most cost effective and easy to install solar energy systems that will reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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