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Solid Fuel

The overall efficiency of a heating system depends on running costs (fuel, maintenance and renewal costs) as well as capital cost. Over the year the efficiency of solid fuel central heating has increased; nevertheless it does produces more carbon dioxide than gas or oil, and probably similar amount to electricity. The Energy Saving Trust (Domestic Heating: Solid Fuel Systems- CE47) has stated that the efficiency of an appliance depends on:

and for a central heating system two key factors in efficiency are:

Boi-fuel boilerIt is important that any solid fuel installation and maintained properly and we strongly reccomend that expert advice is sought when considering options. CO2 Mechanical Engineering can help you in the decision making process, as well as providing installing and the right system for your property. We also provide ongoing maintenance.


An alternative to fossil fuels lies with the wide choice of sophisticated biomass combustion equipment that offers a range of features, efficiency and convenience, equal to the best fossil fuel fired systems. Timers, auto-ignition, automatic fuel feed and de-ashing all contribute to biomass as a primary heating fuel being as straightforward to use as fossil fuels. Managed on a sustainable basis, biomass is harvested as part of a constantly replenished crop. This is during woodland or arboricultural management or coppicing or as part of a continuous programme of replanting with new growth taking up CO2 at the same time it is released by combustion of the previous harvest. 

wood burning stoveWood Burners

Significant savings in running costs (especially with constantly rising prices for gas, oil and electricity); and good looks. Most everyone loves that traditional fireplace effect and the cozy warmth that more conventional forms of space heating just seem to lack. Also, the latest log burning stoves are very clean and easy to use and maintain.

Money And Good Looks – Nothing Really Changes…

Modern wood burners are very energy efficient and the price of the fuel compares extremely favorably with fossil fuel alternatives with potential energy savings at between 3 to 8 times depending on the exact comparison and location. With oil prices constantly rising, anyone living in a remote location and dependent on an oil tank for their main fuel might want to seriously consider cutting their losses before things get even worse.

Whether you want a stylish ultra modern look or a traditional country kitchen style there’s a wood burning stove to suit your lifestyle – the choice is simply enormous. No matter what you choose though, wood burners always add a nice homely touch and people somehow seem to gravitate towards them.